Fully understanding our customer's requirement is vital to the success of any project we take on. The design stage provides the opportunity for team members of both parties to discuss, understand and evaluate all the relevant project critical features.

Progression Tooling

Armed with all the information our designers then produce initial Strip layout ready for review. After the initial review, any adjustments or enhancements are made and then a final layout is created. Once the final design is agreed and approved, we create fully detailed tool drawings with all of the relevant information detailed and ready for materials ordering and efficient part manufacture.

Progression Tool

We use Inventor design software, supported by an approved vendor to ensure we are always, using the latest version. We are able to accept and interpret all commonly used industry standard CAD data, such as .stp and .igs. By utilising one common design package, we are able to ensure the integrity of all our data remains of the highest level.

Inventor is used to provide information for all elements of the tool design process, from generating 3D solid models, to producing all drawings for parts and assembly, BOM lists for materials ordering and CAM information for CNC manufacture. Fully detailed assembly drawings are provided upon request with all tools produced at Baker and Finnemore.

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