Precision Progression Press Tool Makers

As our core business, we have manufacturing precision progression press tooling since the early 1960s and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience as press toolmakers.

Our highly skilled team of toolmakers complete all the remaining stages of the assembly through to completion, including:

After gathering all the machined parts assembly & fitting can begin. Steels are finished ground, cutting clearances are worked out in the design stage and form gaps are set perfectly. Working to fully detailed and dimensioned drawings the toolmaker will complete the tool build ready for the first press trial.

Tool Die Sets

Using our in-house try-out presses, we can build and trial tools up to a maximum die set size of 760mm x 456mm.

Depending on the size of tooling we have a range of presses; 20 Ton, 25 Ton & 60 Ton. All of which can be used for try-out purposes.

After the toolmaker has set the tool in the press he obtains the correct material allocated for the particular tool and produces initial parts from the tool. The parts are then taken to the inspection department.

The parts are checked and verified to the component drawing. If these first-off parts require further work in order to obtain tolerances, the toolmaker will make the required adjustments to the tool in order to achieve this. This then gets reported back to the drawing office where any 3D models are updated.

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