What is EDM?

EDM stands for Electrical Discharge Machining, sometimes referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking or wire erosion. There are two primary EDM methods: ram EDM and wire EDM.

Wire EDM

In wire EDM a very thin wire serves as the electrode. Special brass wires are typically used; the wire is slowly fed through the material and the electrical discharge actually cuts the work piece.


In ram EDM, a graphite or copper electrode is machined with traditional tools. The now specially-shaped electrode is connected to the power source, attached to the ram of the machine, and slowly fed into the work piece.

Due to the inherent properties of these processes it is possible to produce very complex parts and precision components from a range of conductive materials whether hardened or soft.

The Sodik SL600G

At Baker & Finnemore Ltd tool making we have Sodick wire cut machines, regarded by many as the market leaders in this field. One of wire cut machines is the SL600G, a fully submersed machine, meaning we can offer some of the fastest cut speeds in the industry.

Within our dedicated and newly refurbished EDM room, we operate a strict quality & temperature controlled environment in order to maintain the high levels of accuracy both on the work piece and the machine. The wire cut machines, produce the highest quality components for our tooling.

Hole Sparker manufactured by Sodik

Along with our wire cut machines we also employ, spark erosion and fast hole drilling machines, these complete our EDM department and allow us to produce almost any shaped aperture or punch in a wide variety of steel, all in-house.

The capability to cut odd-shaped holes, angles, contours and cavities in-house is of huge benefit to our customers not only because it reduces overall project lead time, but when replacement dies and punches are required we can respond very quickly and cost effectively.

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