CAM (computer aided manufacture)

CAM (computer aided manufacture) is now a vital and integral part to all manufacturing process.

The CAM data produced from our CAD design software is of the highest integrity. Our skilled CNC machinists carry out all CAM programming via dedicated consoles. Working from the same drawings & models created by the designers, speeds, feeds and cutter paths are calculated. The machine tool program is then sent to the machine directly over a high speed Ethernet link, job setting procedures follow and the machine is good to go.

CNC Machining

We constantly monitor and utilise the latest developments in cutting tool technology, ensuring we are able to achieve the fastest metal removal rates and exact levels of accuracy.

Completing our CNC inventory we also employ CNC Turning and EDM machinery. Through continually investing in the latest machinery and training highly skilled operators we are able to offer our customers the many advantages of using toolmakers operating in modern and well equipped environment.

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